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Play Rummy Online Rummy-meets Disclaimer
Play rummy online on Rummy-meets Disclaimer


Rummy-Meets shall not be held liable for a user’s access to any third-party content on the website. However, the platform is completely responsible for its text, information, items, and graphics. The third-party content may also contain viruses, and this is to disclaim that users must stay vigilant before clicking on any such links. Tapping on insecure links could pose a threatening risk to a user’s crucial bank details. Keeping this in mind Rummy-Meets has guarded itself from misuse of any material.

However, we always suggest users stay within the premises of our website and do not allow any third-party link to direct them to another page. Rummy-Meets does not restrict its users to disallow themselves from buying anything from third-party links. They can do so at their own risk.

Here are some disclaimer points users shall note before playing rummy online:

Website and Mobile App

Rummy-Meets does not claim authority and warranty on any of the products and their advertisements on the website. The user interface of our mobile app allows you to surf through the website. Most of the time it may be possible that you fall bait to a malicious website whose liability shall not be borne by Rummy-Meets. The third-party content appearing on the mobile app and the website is dependent on the software’s algorithm and a user’s surfing history.

The website of Rummy-Meets shows one to download the mobile app. However, a download button appearing for other apps is not those promoted by our rummy site. Users can download these apps at their own risk. As a word of caution, Rummy-Meets hereby warns you of sexual content, violence, and rigging businesses on these third-party links. Participate in playing rummy online at your peril.

We shall inform our users that changes on Rummy-Meets’s website and mobile app could be made without any prior information to the users. Hence it is highly recommended to stay updated with the disclaimer section of this site.

Refund Disclaimer

Any financial loss shall not be considered a part of Rummy-Meets. We are not liable to pay the money lost by a user in any of the games. Users who wish not to lose money while playing rummy online can choose not to play cash games and opt for free classic games. Financial risks involved while playing rummy are always there, and players must bear the cost of it instead of Rummy-Meets.

Refunds are also less likely possible in case of server problems, virus attacks, internet shutdowns, wars, and natural calamities. A player’s mistake may also lead to refund issues. Users must understand these risks before registering at Rummy-Meets. For refund issues, a player may also contact customer service on our platform. They can continue playing rummy online after the issues are resolved.

Our platform assures no warranties and guarantees on any content present on the website. A user must understand that most of the content is advertisements and depends on various aspects such as search engine algorithms and marketing tactics. We recommend you to surf the website wisely.

Age and State Restrictions

Rummy enthusiasts below 18 years of age and those belonging to Indian states such as Telangana, Odisha, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Sikkim, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu are not allowed to play rummy online on Rummy-Meets. This criteria is fixed by the Judicial Authority of India which shall not be broken at any cost. As a law-abiding platform, Rummy-Meets has strict policies on these malpractices and can gauge the incorrect means in no time. It is recommended to check the eligibility criteria before registering on our platform.

Prohibition on Inappropriate Content

We understand that monetary loss and gain can attract indecent language while playing rummy online. We, however, do not encourage such behavior and block or suspend any such account on repeated offenses. Any sexual, obscene, violent, vulgar, and abusive behavior is against the nature of Rummy-Meets. However, we take no charge of inappropriate content shown on any of the third-party hyperlinks and advertisements. The contents of such links are not owned by Rummy-Meets and shall be treated as separate entities.

Accounts copying the intellectual property such as designs, content, and other information exclusive to Rummy-Meets and dissemination of such material to other platforms, be it either through soft copy or hard copy shall be liable for legal actions. We take such cases with much sensitivity as it can ruin our brand identity and infringe copyright policies.

Here are a few other things to note:

1. We do not take responsibility for the claims on accuracy made on the website.
2. We cannot always ensure the smooth functioning of the website.
3. We do not guarantee any profit-making. Most of our graphics are marketing tools.
4. The concerned party shall contact customer services for any genuine doubts.
5. Usually rummy leads to addiction. However, Rummy-Meets holds no assurance on this.

By reading this disclaimer you hereby agree to comply with Rummy-Meets rules and agree to not make any wrong claims and also make our platform a more responsible rummy-playing arena.